Soil & Water Agricultural Technologies’ product suite offers growing solutions for the homeowner as well as the commercial grower. Engineered for intense production, our Sub-Irrigated Raised Garden Beds and Decoupled Modular Aquaponic Systems allow even the novice to grow nutrient rich food for their family in limited space. When used commercially within schools, restaurants, churches, or institutions, these same systems provide an exceptional option to supplement, or even replace, traditional food vendors/suppliers.

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Sub-Irrigated Raised Garden Beds

Decoupled Modular Aquaponic Systems


The third arm of our product suite is geared to organic growers, small farms, and commercial producers. As sustainable agriculture becomes paramount across the globe, soil health is of vital importance. SWAT firmly supports to the principles of best management practices and  responsible utilization of available resources. Our horticultural engineers at SWAT believe that revitalizing the soil with cover crop rolling and no-till-drill methodologies vastly improve soil health and productivity. Soil & Water Agricultural Technologies offers equipment specific for this purpose: No-Till Seed Drills and Transplanters, and Crimper Rollers. We have also formulated cover crop seed mixes specifically for Florida soils and seasons. Healthy soil, renourished with specific minerals and fixed nitrogen allows vegetable plants and fruit trees to grow and produce the way they are originally intended. Plants nourished through natural means, rather than chemically, are showing great promise in fighting off disease, as well as providing more nutrition in their fruit/vegetables.

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No-Till Seed Drills and Transplanters

Roller Crimpers

Florida Cover Crop Mixes