Cover Crop Seed Mixes

Soil & Water Agricultural Technologies (SWAT) is currently integrating some of the most innovative sustainable crop production methodologies and equipment packages specific for Florida. SWAT is bringing a product suite to market for No Till Vegetable and Agronomic production. In this method of farming, a cover crop is rolled down to become an even mat of residue. That mat of groundcover is then planted through using a no till planter for seeds or a no till transplanter for transplanting, directly into the protected nutrient-rich soil. The cover crop residue not only enhances the soil nutrients, but also assists in reducing evaporation, minimizes erosion, increases soil biodiversity, and fosters weed suppression.

SWAT has formulated seasonal cover crop mixes specifically for Florida soils. By introducing a multi-seed mix, the diversity of the cover crop enhances the soil in a multitude of ways: fixing atmospheric nitrogen, adding in a variety of nutrients, fostering mycorrhizal fungi, and aerating the soil profile.

  • Florida Summer Cover Crop Mix
  • Florida Winter Cover Crop Mix