Decoupled Modular Aquaponic Systems

SWAT’s research and development division is evaluating a decoupled modular aquaponics system. The three part system includes 2,000 gallon aquaculture modules with solids filtration and biofiltration, a nutrient bioprocessing module, and your choice of horticulture modules.

Advanced beyond the traditional aquaponic systems, the decoupled systems do not allow the hydroculture nutrient solution to cycle back to the aquaculture units, thereby allowing the plants to receive a richer nutrient load for vegetable growth and development without impacting the fish yield.

decoupled modular aquaculture system

  • 2000 gallon tank module
  • 2000 gallon tank module
  • 800lbs fish per tank
  • Decoupling allows for ideal nutrient levels for vegetables
  • Can be paired with a greenhouse environment
  • Fresh vegetables and fish for homesteads,  restaurants, schools, and institutions on-site


Download printable brochure here.