Sub-Irrigated Raised Garden Beds

Sub-irrigated raised gardens are the ideal solution for vegetable production as they provide an optimal growing environment. Th e raised gardens will maintain ideal moisture conditions and allow for the best possible plant nutrition even on sites with poor soil.

The sub-irrigated beds come standard as 12’ x 4’ x 2’, however, they can be customized to your specifications. At a height of 24”, they allow handicap accessibility as well as ease of use for children and seniors with mobility/flexibility issues.


SubIrrigated Raised Garden

SubIrrigated Raised Garden

• Automated watering.
• Easily paired with rainwater collection for irrigation.
• In-bed worm composting option available.
• Ideal for homesteading and urban agriculture.
• Simple, intensive, high-yield gardening.


Perfect for
Schools • Churches • Institutions • Restaurants • Hotels/Resorts

“Farm to Table” Quality Nutrition From Your Own Back Yard!

The sub-irrigated raised gardens provide a low-maintenance and high productivity gardening solution.


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