Water Reels

As an authorized dealer of Kifco’s traveling irrigation systems, we utilize their Water-Reels® for a portable irrigation option for crop irrigation and more. Not only are they an efficient solution for irrigating crops, but they are also an excellent option for eliminating wastewater. Kifco’s Water-Reels® are easy to use and they offer adjustable speed control to regulate run time and application depth, and feature automatic retraction and travelling sprinkler shut down. The Water-Reel® is a simple set and go irrigation system with traveller raingun that allows the user to irrigate acres in a single unattended pass.

Water-Reel Irrigation Applications

Vegetables & Produce
Corn & Cash Crops
Apply Slurry to Growing Crops
Sod Farms
Truck Farming
Food Plots & Habitat Improvement
Research Plots
Hobby Farms
Pastures & Paddocks
Equestrian Arenas, Farms, and Polo Fields
Sport Fields
Control Dust in Feed Lots

Irrigate Crops with a Kifco Ag Rain Water Reel

Kifco Ag Rain Water Reel

Ag-Rain Water-Reels are a versatile solution to your agricultural, turf, or waste water land applications. Ag-Rain travelers come in a wide variety of lengths and tube diameters to fit your needs.

Our machines retract using either a highly efficient water-powered turbine (T Models) which utilizes the water pressure to retract the gun or for low-pressure applications or situations where solids are present in the water, gas-powered Engine Drive (E Models) are also available.

Turbine Drive

 Gas Engine Drive
 water reels with turbine drive  water reels with gas engine drive
All Ag-Rain and B-Series Water Reels with tube diameter of 1.8” and larger utilize the Turbine Drive. The Kifco turbines are the most efficient turbine drive in the industry (10 PSI or less pressure used in the turbine) and are a reliable, efficient and highly adjustable drive option. Kifco impellers are precision machined from aluminum or composite material for longevity and resistance to corrosion. The gas engine drive option is primarily used for applications where solids (animal waste or fibrous materials) are present in the water. It is also used in applications where the customer requires high speed irrigation or has limited water pressure and cannot afford pressure loss in the turbine.

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