Water Reels for Equestrian Fields & Grounds

Kifco Water Reels

The Horse market has relied on Water-Reels for years to improve footing, suppress dust and water rancheshorse arenaspastures and paddocks, and polo fields. These areas require special care and attention. It is vital to maintain adequate traction, a springy footing, and low-dust environment to ensure the safety of both horse and rider. In ground irrigation systems and chemical dust-control treatments are expensive and potentially dangerous. Kifco Water-Reels provide a simple, safe, and cost-effective horse arena watering system. Our machines are a one-time investment that can save you both money and hours of labor.

See below to learn more about some of the options for caring for equestrian fields and grounds.

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Horse Arena Watering Systems / Footing / Arena Dust Control

Water-Reel Benefits:

  • Softens soil for better, safer footing in show and riding arenas
  • Provides excellent dust control – safer and more reliable than chemical treatments
  • Adds uniform moisture to entire arena
  • Can operate unattended and automatically shuts off when needed



Suggested Products for Dust Control in Your Arena/Uniform Footing:​

  • B-Series Model E110 (The B-Series E 110 can run on most any residential or rural water supply.)
  • B-Series Model B110
  • B-Series Model B140
  • B-Series Model E140
  • B-Series Model E200SST (This model is perfect for Professional Rodeos and La Charreada for quick dust suppression between events.)


Pastures & Paddocks



Water-Reel Benefits:

  • Promotes greener, healthier pastures and paddocks
  • Quickens recovery after intensive grazing
  • Affordable method of pasture irrigation for multiple areas with one simple machine

Suggested Products for Pasture & Paddock Irrigation:​

  • B-Series Model E110
  • B-Series Model B110
  • B-Series Model B140
  • B-Series Model E140
  • B-Series Model T200S
  • B-Series Model T200L

Suggested Products for Larger Pasture & Paddock Irrigation:​

  • B-Series Model T200L
  • All Ag-Rain Water-Reels





Water-Reel Benefits:

  • Flexibility to irrigate multiple fields with one machine
  • Arena dust control
  • Provides optimal riding conditions
  • Spreads water evenly
  • Operates with less time and labor than water trucks
  • Less compaction since only sprinkler travels across arena
  • Adjustable travel speed so you control run time and amount of water applied
  • Helps quicken re-growth in pastures
  • Economical – Can be used in your arena, then moved to the pasture

Suggested Products for Ranches:

  • B-Series Water-Reels
  • Ag-Rain Water-Reels


Polo Fields



Water-Reel Benefits:

  • Flexibility to irrigate multiple fields with one machine
  • Excellent for dust control
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs – no heads to repair or winterize
  • More affordable than in-ground systems
  • Safer than in-ground systems for both horses and riders

Polo Field Design Tools:



Minimum Inlet Pressure: 87 PSI

Flow: 300 GPM

Minimum Irrigated Width: 249 ft

Passes Necessary: 2

Nelson SR 200: 1.46″



Minimum Inlet Pressure: 120 PSI

Flow: 260 GPM

Minimum Irrigated Width: 238 ft

Passes Necessary: 2

Nelson SR 150: 1.18″



Minimum Inlet Pressure: 71 PSI

Flow: 100 GPM

Minimum Irrigated Width: 172 ft

Passes Necessary: 3

Nelson SR 150: .86″

Suggested Products for Polo Field Irrigation:​

  • Ag-Rain Model T30x980
  • Ag-Rain Model T37x1220
  • Ag-Rain Model T40x1250