Water Management district budgets start October 1, 2017 so it’s a good time to decide if their agricultural cost-share programs are applicable and beneficial to your operation.  These programs typically incentivize water conservation and quality enhancement projects and some have eligibility requirements.

South Florida Water Management District
Contact:  Stacey Adams, 561-682-2577

Programs, Preliminary Budget, and Goals:  Conservation and alternative supplies:  $4.5M – stormwater; $3.5M – alternative supply (e.g. tailwater recovery); $1.0M – conservation projects.

Process:  District-wide applications this winter; funding by summer.

St. Johns River Water Management District
Contact:  Suzanne Archer, 407-215-1450

District-wide Ag Cost-Share:  Conservation and quality improvement technologies – $1.5M

Tri-County Ag Area (Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns Counties): Primarily quality projects – $1.5M

Agriculture Springs Initiative Program (Silver Springs Spring-shed):  Water conservation and/or nutrient reduction – $1.4M

Process:  Anticipate District-wide proposals due in May; TCAA proposals due in June.

Suwannee River Water Management District  
Contacts: Ben Glass,  386-362-1001 
Justin Garland, 

Programs, Preliminary Budget, and Goals:  Irrigation efficiency and nutrient management – $2.5M

Process:  SRWMD anticipates cost-sharing will start late fall / winter. 

Southwest Florida Water Management District
Contacts: (FARMS) Program:  Chris Zajac, 813-985-748, ext. 4413
Mini-FARMS:  Jessica Stempien, 813-985-7481, ext. 2125
Patricia Hobson, 941-377-3722, ext. 6516

Programs, Preliminary Budget, and Goals:  FARMS primarily funds water conservation, up to 75% of costs.  Mini-FARMS assists farms less than 100 acres conserve water and install quality BMPs, up to 75% of costs, capped at $5,000.00.   Preliminary budget:  FARMS – $6 million; Mini-FARMS – $100k.

Process:  Apply year-round.

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Contact:  Angela Chelette, 850-539-2650

Program Goals: Jackson Blue Springs; efficiency and nutrient reduction – $1.0M

Contact Charles Shinn for additional information at 352-374-1522.


Reprinted from:  http://www.floridafarmbureau.org/water-management-district-agricultural-cost-share-programs/

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