Biological control — whether you’re talking about biochemicals, microbial products, beneficials, or even the relatively new category of biostimulants — is moving into the mainstream and playing a more prominent role in specialty crop production. However, there’s still a significant segment of growers who aren’t using these products as part […]

Biocontrol Gains Traction in the East

Water Management district budgets start October 1, 2017 so it’s a good time to decide if their agricultural cost-share programs are applicable and beneficial to your operation.  These programs typically incentivize water conservation and quality enhancement projects and some have eligibility requirements. South Florida Water Management District Contact:  Stacey Adams, 561-682-2577 […]


Florida drought and low rainfall
Following an epic dry season full of water shortage warnings, burn bans, and brush fires, Florida’s wet season kicked off on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, dropping nearly double the amount of rain normally seen in June across the majority of South Florida as well as North-Central parts of the Sunshine […]

Florida Struggling to Stay Afloat in Wake of Drought